Bachelor’s thesis in English step by step

The diploma thesis in English is basically no different from the one written in English. The work should be written in the language of science, which can bring most difficulties, because in everyday speech, in the press, on the radio or on foreign television, less formal language is used.

The formatting standards, the use of footnotes and the creation of bibliographies are also slightly different. See what are the standard rules for writing papers in English.

The diploma thesis in English consists of the following elements:

  • Front page
  • Table of contents (Table of contents)
  • Introduction (Preface / Introduction)
  • The main part of the work (divided into the theoretical and analytical / research part)
  • Conclusions / summary (Conclusions)
  • Bibliography (Bibliography), which includes: reference books, dictionaries, source materials, internet sources
  • Attachments (Appendixes)
  • Abstract in English
  • Declaration on the self-written work in English
  • Bachelor’s thesis in English
  • The work should consist of about 3-4 chapters (Chapter I, Chapter II, etc.) and count from 20 to 40 pages. The standard font is Times New Roman, size 12. Footnotes and quotes in the same font, but size 10. The line should be 1.5 lines for the main text, bibliography and abstract, and 1 line for footnotes and quotes.

Bachelor thesis in English – quotes

Short quotes (less than 60 words) should be included in the two citation marks. Single quotation marks should be used when quoting within quotes.

Work in English – footnotes and bibliography
It is worth knowing that in English-language works, footnotes and bibliographies are presented differently. Footnotes in English are usually found in the text (so-called Harvard type) – the name of the author is given, the year of publishing and the page number. Example: (Lakoff 1987: 208). Full source data is provided in the bibliography.

Sources in the bibliography are given in the following scheme: surname, first name, year of publication, title (italics, articles in normal type), place of publication, name of the publisher. Example: Hall, Edward T. 1966. The hidden dimension. New York: Anchor Books. When providing articles in journals in the bibliography, one should additionally give the page numbers on which they were located.

The internet source in the footnote should be enclosed in parentheses and should contain the name of the author, the address of the page (the deleted hyperlink). Example: (Rodger The full data is given in the bibliography, ie the author’s name, surname, title, website address, month, day and year of access. Example: Doyle, Rodger., DOA April 5, 2002.

Remember that universities define individual rules for creating bachelor’s theses, therefore individual guidelines may differ from each other. You can use our help regardless of whether you are a student of English philology or not. If you need help writing a thesis in English – contact us.

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