Sample topics of bachelor theses from sociology

Sociology is a field of science dealing with all aspects related to society. Choosing the topic of the diploma thesis may seem difficult, but it is enough that you devote some time, and certainly choose one that will satisfy both you and the promoter.

When choosing a topic for a bachelor thesis in sociology, consider:

  • What interests you?
  • Is the topic up-to-date, taking into account current events, political / economic situations, lifestyle, and social habits?
  • Is the subject consistent with the direction of your studies?
  • Will the study be useful in the world of sociology or it will be useful to someone
  • Will you be able to collect the relevant information to comprehensively describe the issue / carry out research?
  • When writing about an issue that you know and like, creating a final paper will come easily. Choose a topic that is current in the present and one that will bring new and useful knowledge to learning. Also consider the field of study and specialty. If you study, for example, sociology with the specialty of advertising and social communication, the topics of bachelor theses should not refer to sociology or anthropology.

Bachelor’s thesis sociology – what topic to choose?
We present examples of bachelor’s theses from sociology. You can use them in the unchanged version or modify them to your needs.

  1. “Economic growth and the situation on the local market”
  2. “Paternity of compromises, Dilemmas of the contemporary father”
  3. “IT exclusion of children and adolescents in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship”
  4. “Professional position of women in US”
  5. “Socialization of children from dysfunctional families”
  6. “Psychosocial aspects of old age – problems of retirement age”
  7. “Stereotypes in the consciousness of American society”
  8. “Cultural and educational aspirations of contemporary youth”
  9. “Sociological aspects of decision-making rationality in the health service”
  10. “Adaptation of young workers to the profession, work and social work environment”
  11. “Variability of language in the sociological perspective”
  12. “Youth movements – worldview, culture, threats”
  13. “The influence of the media on the behavior of school-age children”
  14. “Effectiveness of social care activities”

Remember that in the end the promoter accepts the topic of work, so do not start writing a work plan or the first chapter before you get to know his opinion.

If you have problems with developing a subject for working with sociology, please contact us. Our editors help in writing works on sociology.

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